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Vocabulary Builder

Build your vocabulary with Magoosh's free vocabulary game for your Android and iOS phone or tablet. Quiz yourself every day to learn the 1200 most important words! Each level you beat unlocks a harder one: more words and more advanced vocabulary. Words you don't know will be repeated untill you master them, using spaced repetition which has been shown to be a very effective memorization

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Dubaicitytrips offer extensive trips services for group and individual travelers with different holiday packages and luxury package for a business trip. They specialize in handling trips in lying to the United Arab Emirates. Their trips are handled by professional tour operators. We cherish our client through effective and environment-friendly comfortable vacation.


Restaurant Delivery

Order from the best restaurants in the business - from local hotspots to national favurites - and get the food you love delivered fast, right to your door.

- Search by cuisine, category or restaurants for yout postcodes
- Browse by fatest delivery time
- View menus and read dish details
- See popular restaurants and meals in your area

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ikOala is a one stop online market, offering a broad selection of product specials, local deals, travel offers, fashion, kids, jewellery the list goes on and on.
they work with hundreds of great suppliers, who deliver directly straight to your door. Their partners are passionate about what they do, and so are they.


MeowChat is a cool video livechat tool to chat with friend face to face and play exciting one on one games.

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Shenzhen JHA Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of hardened Ethernet, PoE, and fiber connectivity products specifically designed for harsh and demanding environments. With our core focus on Ethernet connectivity for extreme environments with stringent requirements product reliability and quality are top


Discuss Medical Cases

CUROFY is a medical aoo exclusively for the doctors. It is a platform for doctors to collaborate on clinical cases and to stay updated with the latest medical news and updates in the industry. It also helps the doctors to access the latest journals, medical guidelines, and MCQs. Also doctors and students alike get to access videos and AMA sessions from eminent doctors in thier field.

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Touchupyourcar use the Dr.Colorchip paint system as per the instructions for some chips, but they have also developed many methods for fixing paint anomalies over many years of fixing paint on cars. They have worked on well over 30,000 cars in the past 12 years


Home Services

Timesaverz is your one stop solution to get curated service providers for at-home services including home cleaning, car cleaning, beauty, sofa cleaning, pest cleaning, home appliance repair, laptop & mobile repair, electrician, plumber & carpenter jobs.

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Providing the best rates in the marketplace, TT Rentals supply the hire of TurningPoint Voting Systems manufactured by Turning Technologies LLC.
Fully integrated within MS Powerpoint makes it the Handheld Electronic Voting System of choice for Event Organisers and AV Companies.

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